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Below are a few utilities that go beyond what Zoho CRM offers out of the box.
If you would like something else just ask.


Features that go beyond what Zoho dedup offers

  • Checks for duplicates across all CRM modules and imported lists
  • Only import non duplicates (it runs before importing)
  • Combines fields when checking (for example: email, secondary email)
  • Checks email, url, phone and company name with fuzzy logic
  • Detects company names spelled differently but with same url or phone number
  • Checks for duplicates even in imported file or files
  • Can be customized

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Time Zone Field Update

Updates a TimeZone field in a module that has an address.  This allows you to group leads/accounts/contacts to call or email at a particular time of the day.

Sync Pick Lists

Some pick lists between modules need to be the same.  Unfortunately, they can quickly get out of sync especially for very long lists.

  • Spot differences between compared pick lists in seconds
  • Shows values for all pick lists across all modules on one page
  • Show field schema for all modules on one page
  • This information important in your backup plan, because a Zoho CRM backup only stores raw data

Auto Update Data

This is more general data cleaning.

  • Format all phone, webpages, country, state etc. so they are consistent
  • Update fields in other modules.  (Workflows can do this for new data)
  • Increase fields in business card view by making a field that contains values from multiple fields across modules.  For example in Accounts this field could contain: Country, State, Account Type etc.
  • Migrate all Tasks to Calls or vise versa

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