Maximize Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM does more than most users realize or have time to implement.

Sales Metrics

  • Do you know your close ratio’s for your company and by sales rep?
  • How reliable is your pipeline?
  • What is your sales velocity by sales rep or by lead source?
  • Do you use a spreadsheet to set goals for your sales team?
  • Are your Key Performance Indicators(KPI) accurate or being tracked?


  • The use of spreadsheets is a key indicator that those business process should be brought into the CRM.


Email marketing

  • Does your Email Campaign update Zoho CRM?  This means you can see all the sent email from campaigns and opens and clicks when looking at leads or contacts.
  • While Zoho Campaigns is integrated so can  Constant Contact, MailChimp and others

Marketing Automation

  • If someone clicks on a link within your email you will know not just that they clicked the link but which pages they visit on your website now and in the future.  This can be done for individual emails or within Zoho Campaigns.  This acts as a sales trigger and helps you understand what part of your website is of interest to people.

Website Leads

  • Is the information from the website lead form going directly into your CRM?
  • If you get lots of leads are they automatically routed?


  • Are you getting the information you need in in an easy to read fashion?  This could be an indication that a report needs to be created or that the information you need for the report is not being captured in the CRM properly.
  • Are you getting reports automatically emailed to you on a schedule?


  • Wish you could push a button and …
  • To see some possibilities click Zoho CRM Tools

One Source of Information

  • Do you look at multiple programs like Zoho CRM, spreadsheets, websites etc.  for information.  It maybe possible to have them all in Zoho CRM.


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