Zoho All Tasks

Overwhelmed and frustrated by tasks scattered across Zoho Apps?

Zoho All Tasks solves this by putting them in one view.
It acts as your central launching place for tasks from multiple apps and multiple staff.
Helps you organize yourself and your team.

This is also an example of customization using Zoho API.
This grid can be used for presenting other data.

General Features

  • Tasks from Multiple Zoho App in one view
  • Shows CRM Tasks, Calls, Events & Project Tasks & Desk Tickets
  • Lightning Fast
  • Real time reporting
  • No training needed
  • Tasks between apps just got easy


  • helps you organize yourself and your team
  • Spot obvious issues
    • Owner no longer with company
    • Owners workload
    • Overdue tasks
  • Reduce tasks slipping through cracks
  • Easier for manager to overview
  • Communication tool with Clients – Prioritize together
    • For example, share more data with your clients than Desk allows