Zoho CRM Auto De-Duplication Service

Zoho CRM’s merge process gives you full control and is reliable, but painfully slow.
It is so slow that when you get into the thousands it isn’t really feasible.
Zoho Auto De-Duplication
Speed with Safety when auto merging
  • Speed
    • Automatically merges duplicates
  •  Safety
    • Backup is taken before the merge
    • You are given a report before final merge
    • No records are deleted – only marked for deletion
    • Merge record shows fields that were different, as well as values updated due to blank record
    • Field differences stored so you can see and search them searching allows for mass updates if needed



  • Related Lists that are migrated
    • Events
    • Calls
    • Tasks
    • Notes
    • Attachments
  • What is not Merged
    • Record images
    • Emails
    • Converted Lead Records
    • Social
    • Campaigns
    • Related list of Picklist changes
    • Workdrive – merging folders