Zoho CRM Deal Closing Date and Setting Default Dates

Deal/Potential Closing Date is no longer a required field as of Sep 5 2017

The default setting for the field is required, however now you can go into the module layout to change it.

In the past it was required for forecasting and certain types of sales reports that depended on it.  If you never ran those types of reports then it was just a pain.

Setting Default Dates

Say you want to default the Close Date to 3 months from today.
Zoho Creator has implemented this the way you would expect so that when you create a record the field appears with the default value.

With Zoho CRM, it is not quite as elegant.  To do this you create a Workflow, but the value will appear after you save and refresh the record and will not work on required fields.


This example shows how to default Deal Closing Date to 3 months from the date the record is created using Workflow.
  • Setup->Automation->Workflow Rules
  • Select Create Rule
  • Select module then name the Workflow.
  • On record action select Create
  • Select All Records
  • Select Custom Function.
Create the below custom function and you are done.
void Deal_ClosingDate_Default (int DealId,  date CloseDate )
  if ( isNull(input.CloseDate) ) 
    mydate = today ;
    CloseDate = mydate.addMonth(3);
    updateResp = zoho.crm.updateRecord("Potentials" ,input.DealId.toString() ,{ "Closing Date" : input.CloseDate } ) ;
Your Work flow should look like this.