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LinkedIn is one of the most reliable sources of account and contact information on the web.   This blog will explore 3 ways to access LinkedIn data from within Zoho CRM.

LinkMatch Integration

Imagine viewing LinkedIn and knowing which contacts/companies are in your CRM, and by pushing a button that information gets saved into your Zoho CRM.  No more copy and pasting.  That’s what LinkMatch does.

This third party option works using a Chrome extension and Zoho’s API.
Personally, I use LinkMatch and find the integration is seamless.
It is a very easy to setup and allows you to enter extra data when you save the information into the CRM.
The most important part of this offering is that the LinkedIn data is stored in your CRM so you can filter, create views and run reports based on it.

Knowing which contacts/accounts are in your CRM when viewing them from LinkedIn is very useful.
A green circle will appear next to the contact/account if they are in your CRM or an X if they are not.
This feature uses Zoho API which adheres to the security you have setup in the CRM.  For example, if you are the owner of an account in the CRM and your security allows you to see other reps contacts then LinkedIn will put a green circle around it, however if the owner of the Account is another reps and your CRM security does not allow you to see the other reps accounts then the green circle will not appear. This same logic goes for Contacts or Leads.

Is LinkMatch for you?

It is if you are adding many contacts or accounts each month from LinkedIn.
Not sure on what that number is for you, however I find it usually takes around 2 to 5 min to cut and paste profile information from LinkedIn to Zoho, whereas LinkMatch takes under a minute.
At $9.99/user/month do the math.
If you want 99% off the first month email or call me and I will send you a coupon code.

Zoho Integration with LinkedIn

This option is a must have if you already subscribe to Team or Enterprise LinkedIn edition.   If not it is probably not for you due to the cost from LinkedIn.  Zoho part is free.
It lets you view LinkedIn information while in Zoho, but unlike LinkMatch it does not save it into Zoho.  So with this option you can not report or filter based on LinkedIn information.
This integration restriction is LinkedIn’s doing not Zoho’s.
While I have not tried this option, not saving the data into the CRM seems like a huge limitation.
Other features this integration offers that you may find useful are described in the links below.

Zoho Free option

Store the LinkedIn Url in Contacts, Leads and Accounts.

This is very simple, yet very useful.
Create a url field and store the LinkedIn URL there.
When you click on the link it will bring up the LinkedIn profile in a new tab.
Having to click on the link is a good thing because the alternative is to always always retrieve LinkedIn information which slows the retrieval of a record down even when you don’t need LinkedIn info.
Tip: When storing the LinkedIn Url you can remove the ? and anything after it

Find LinkedIn url’s

Create a Zoho Custom Link to search Google via company name or contact name or company website etc.
Zoho Custom Links can be a huge time saver.  I may write a blog about them in the future, however you can always email or call me to find out more.
If you want a quick way to populate many accounts with their LinkedIn Url let me know. I created a program that finds the LinkedIn Url on a company website and then updates your CRM with it.  This option is not free, but does not cost much.

Bottom Line

There are a number of ways to access LinkedIn from your CRM.
The one you choose will depend on your use of LinkedIn.


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