Zoho CRM Picklist Viewer

Zoho CRM Picklist Viewer was created because CRM Picklists are a pain to work with.
There is no easy way to copy and paste a drop down list, no reports and hard to get an overview of your picklists.

Zoho CRM Picklist Viewer solves these issues.
Gives you a quick overview with advanced filtering that is fast and easy to use.
You can Copy and Paste lists as well as export them.

This is also an example of customization using Zoho API.
This grid can be used for presenting other data.

Zoho Picklist Example
Zoho Picklist Example
Zoho Picklist View Expanded
Zoho Picklist View Expanded

General Features

  • Shows all Picklists and values for a company
  • Select different companies
  • Group based on any field
  • Advanced Filter and Searching

Advanced Features 

  • Export for documentation
  • Compare Picklists across modules
    • Report that shows only different drop-down field values across modules.
    • By only showing differences it focuses you on what matters
  • Remove Unused Drop-down Values
    • Report that shows the number of times used in the module for each drop-down value
    • Shows drop-down values that are not in drop-down but in module
  • (Advanced Not Shown in Live Demo)