Glenn got us where we needed in a short time

We have been using Zoho for quite awhile, but realized we were not using it to its full potential or the way we could use it.  We have not had great luck with the Zoho team in understanding them and reaching them.  After calls with Zoho, we were more confused.  One of my co-workers found Glenn, vetted him, and recommended we use him.  We worked with Glenn on our overall company Blueprints.  He talked us through how Zoho could work for us, how he could extract data, move data, organizing data, added modules, etc.  Basically, Glenn got us to the point that we needed to be in a short time.  He is fair on his time blocking and tracks all progress so you know exactly where you are on the project and spend.  We will use him again, and highly recommend him for your Zoho CRM processes.

Lynnea, Director of Operations