Zoho CRM Consultant

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Zoho Certified Creator Developer



  • Training, Setup, Consulting
    • In most of the Zoho One products
  • Business analysis
  • De-duplication beyond what Zoho offers
  • Integrations
    • email, calendar, marketing automation, Zoho Forms, Zoho Sign, Books etc.
  • Programming
    • API & Deluge
    • CRM, Creator, Desk, Projects, Books, Invoice, Subscriptions etc.
  • Zoho CRM PCMag 2019 Business Choice Awards WinnerZoho – Campaigns, Survey, Web Forms, Sales IQ etc
  • Advanced Reporting
  • and much more

Zoho provides best bang for your buck and has won PCMag’s 2019 Business Choice 2019 Award for CRM.

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