Zoho CRM Meta Data


  • Zoho API 2 is used to gather the data
  • Currently only used for my clients
  • Adding more utilities in near future
  • Below utilities produce csv reports

Meta Data On Demand Download

  • For those who use Zoho API or Deluge
  • Benefit it is On Demand
    • Yes CRM Backup contains Meta Data, however you can only get it twice a month.
  • Can be customized
    • Things like field order
    • See Fields differences below for an example of customization
  • Field Meta Data
    • Module shows name instead of Id
    • Order can be changed
    • Field Type is shown (Not in CRM Meta backup)
  • Meta Data not in backup
    • Related Lists
    • Custom Views
  • Similar to CRM Backup
    • Profiles
    • Roles
    • Organization
    • Layouts
  • Modules
    • Include more fields than Backup like Profiles

Field Difference and Related List Differences

  • For those who use Zoho API or Deluge
  • Quickly find differences between API Names and CRM Labels.
    • Same for Related Lists.
  • Quicker because only differences between API Names and CRM Labels are shown and all fields are in one csv file.
  • When coding do you find yourself frequently checking API Names and flipping between modules.
  • Here all the modules are in one place and if the field does not show up it is because it is identical to the label