Subject matter expertise and business acumen that inspires confidence

We are an early-stage, technology-based company. I’ve used Salesforce in past life, however, when seeking a sales and marketing automation solution, we investigated Zoho based on a recommendation from a close friend running a payroll and HR software business. We selected Zoho and though it is an excellent CRM solution, there are always going to be some challenges. We learned fast that support from the Zoho corporate folks presented an additional challenge. Fortunately, another business associate, also using Zoho, referred us to Glenn and Web Sales Design. That proved to be a godsend. We have no regrets having gone with Zoho – and Glenn is a huge part of that. Glenn is very responsive, patient, and resourceful. He brings subject matter expertise and business acumen that inspires confidence and adds value. And he does what he says he is going to do. The bottom line: Glenn has definitely shortened our Zoho learning curve, helped us to more quickly harness the power of Zoho, and made us more productive. He is a keeper! I recommend Glenn’s consulting services with only one reservation: As more people turn to Glenn to maximize their Zoho investment … we can’t afford to lose him!

Steve, Vice President of Sales & Marketing