Technical and Business Processes applied to every Business Unit

I implemented Zoho CRM for my software company and have been the “super admin” for over ten years now. My goal was always to make our CRM system as easy for the user to get things done as possible. I am good at this kind of stuff and I automated almost all aspects of the system over the years. Recently we have had a lot of projects that needed deeper integration with our software platform and custom workflows that were beyond my abilities and we needed to find a Zoho consultant that not only had the technical skills required but had business process experience as well. Tall order, but after a few small projects with Web Sales Design it was clear that Glenn had these capabilities and more. Currently Glenn has done work for every business unit in the company and all of the managers he has worked with here have nothing but good things to say about his technical skills, work ethic and pleasant demeanor.

Adam, Founder