Clients were asked:
“What would you have wanted to read before we started working together?”

Below are their responses. More will be added soon.
(Only the name and position is displayed to protect clients privacy)

Complex CRM Requirements Made Easy

I’ve worked closely with Glenn for the past six months to develop an extremely unique CRM for my organization. One of the bigger challenges that my company has faced is that we are unlike any other organization, simply meaning that nearly everything being tracked needs to be customized to fit our complex needs. Glenn has helped bring us from literally nothing to a robust ZOHO CRM that fits the many obscurities we require. We are continually blown away at how far we’ve come in such a short period of time with Glenn’s help.
Glenn has been fantastic in developing my ZOHO skills so I am able to do some basic development on my own. However, when those times arrive when I’m in over my head or have simply run out of hours in the week, Glenn is ready to take over and finish what I had started. One of the greatest things I appreciate about Glenn is that he is always willing to meet me wherever I’m at, no matter how random my request might seem or unorganized my thoughts are. If I’m able to paint an end result for Glenn, it’s almost certain he’ll find a way to get me there. Finally, Glenn is always positive and friendly on the phone and always punctual for our meetings. I’m fortunate to continue working with Glenn and would recommend him to anyone who’s in need of a Zoho developer.
Phil, Development Manger  –  Jun/2018

Accelerating Zoho Value

Prior to engaging Glenn, we struggled to find value in the Zoho programs due to our lack of understanding. Having engaged Glenn has allowed us to accelerate our understanding 100 fold. Glenn has great knowledge of the Zoho products and will certainly help you navigate the system beyond your expectations.

Chuck, Chief Sales Officer – Jun/2018

Subject matter expertise and business acumen that inspires confidence

We are an early-stage, technology-based company. I’ve used Salesforce in past life, however, when seeking a sales and marketing automation solution, we investigated Zoho based on a recommendation from a close friend running a payroll and HR software business. We selected Zoho and though it is an excellent CRM solution, there are always going to be some challenges. We learned fast that support from the Zoho corporate folks presented an additional challenge. Fortunately, another business associate, also using Zoho, referred us to Glenn and Web Sales Design. That proved to be a godsend. We have no regrets having gone with Zoho – and Glenn is a huge part of that. Glenn is very responsive, patient, and resourceful. He brings subject matter expertise and business acumen that inspires confidence and adds value. And he does what he says he is going to do. The bottom line: Glenn has definitely shortened our Zoho learning curve, helped us to more quickly harness the power of Zoho, and made us more productive. He is a keeper! I recommend Glenn’s consulting services with only one reservation: As more people turn to Glenn to maximize their Zoho investment … we can’t afford to lose him!

Steve, Vice President of Sales & Marketing – July/2018

Automation exactly what I envisioned

Our current automation is working amazingly now. It’s exactly the integration I envisioned between our asset management software and Zoho Invoice. Thank you very much for going above and beyond to make this work for us.

Jaye, Owner – May/2018

Glenn got us where we needed in a short time

We have been using Zoho for quite awhile, but realized we were not using it to its full potential or the way we could use it.  We have not had great luck with the Zoho team in understanding them and reaching them.  After calls with Zoho, we were more confused.  One of my co-workers found Glenn, vetted him, and recommended we use him.  We worked with Glenn on our overall company Blueprints.  He talked us through how Zoho could work for us, how he could extract data, move data, organizing data, added modules, etc.  Basically, Glenn got us to the point that we needed to be in a short time.  He is fair on his time blocking and tracks all progress so you know exactly where you are on the project and spend.  We will use him again, and highly recommend him for your Zoho CRM processes.

Lynnea, Director of Operations – Sep/2018